Monday: Closed except for campers.

Tuesday: Closed except for campers.

Wednesday: 9 - 5

Thursday: 9 - 5

Friday: 9 - 5

Saturdays: 9 - 5

Sundays: 9 - 5


Dogpalace Dogtraining is situated in Harwinton CT, we operate most of CT, down to the whole of Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn. If we can't help you due to time constrict or distance, we will help to find you a certified trainer in your area that can be of help. 


COVID-19 Information, we will be wearing masks at all times at your house. If the dog is sensitive we start on a distance without mask, and let the dog get slowly used to me, and the mask goes on before we are in close quarters. We sanitize before and after every client as a precaution as well to avoid cross contamination. We prefer to be outside in the backyard as much as possible, indoors for bad weathers or if neccessary due to the dogs needs or situation.


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