About Us


The main philosophy for Dogpalace team members is to provide owners with answers and solutions that fits their lifestyles and needs. We put the family first as a whole, and want to teach people to handle their dogs long term so they hopefully will not need a trainer in the future. We work with techniques based on behavioral science, like positive reinforcement, classical conditioning to name a couple.


We just do not train dogs, we train people, we explain how the dogs thinks, stress, repsonses to emotional stimuli and how to control all of this to get that special family member that we can enjoy.



Evelynn has trained dogs for 16 years, originally a dog trainer from Sweden, her own dog was a fully trained protective k9, drug dog at elite level obedience. Her new dog who is now an amazingly stable individual, previously tried to bite three people when first arriving to the shelter. She has spent most of her years focusing on fear, aggression and other behavioral issues. Evelynn has also spent a lot of her time with rehabilitating former fighting dogs and junk yard dogs so they can rejoin society on good terms.


She got the idea of Pets for Heroes where they take rescue dogs and make companion dogs for men and woman with PTSD to help them combat it. One of her former clients and now good friend helped her making this dream come true and the non profit is now growing. Evelynn is also actively working with multiple rescues locally and nation wide. Her training skills and knowledge has successfully helped many dogs and people via skype better than a lot of trainers have been able to do in place. Year to date she has almost 6000 dogs under her belt. 


She used to work for Petco and was the top producing trainer in the country, but felt limited in what dogs she was allowed to work with and decided to make her own path.

Scooby is a 3 year old pitbull, he almost drowned in Sandy and got out with the other guys in the 11th hour. Evelynn first met him the day he was dumped at the shelter a couple of weeks before the hurricane, tied up in the middle of the night. It took her 2 hours and 10 hot dogs to convince the drooling, cowering, growling mess of a dog hiding in the corner of the cage to come out. He showed up to have a great skills with dogs, but wasn't too fond of strangers, he had been crated so much that he had problems jumping, and just doing a regular sit. He shyed away from hands, cowering, expecting to be hit. So after Sandy hit she took him in as a foster dog to try him out, and he never left. Now a couple of years later he's still amazing with other dogs, and great with people. He is in training for obedience, agility, rally and protection, we are also aiming for hi to get his therapy dog. He works hard, as it's his job to help the fearful dogs to trust their k9 companions again. He hopefully starts his competition carrier spring of 2016. 

Peanut is now Skye, got adopted by a disc professional in Pittsburgh and has moved to her new home. She also passed her pre test for Search and Rescue dog, so now she has three goals in life. Winning the Disc world champion chip, Therapy dog and Search and rescue dog. Her new family keep giving me updates and she is doing great. She is still developing and is turning out amazing!


Princess Peanut is a one year old pitbull in need of a home, recently she took her first official title: Canine Good Citizen and is also showing great potential for competition in disc and as a general working dog. I have used her as a neutral dog for several clients, and she is a little fired up at first and then she does great. Very smart, fast, gentle, a tad nervous of strangers, so needs continued socialization, she will be therapy dog material soon with the right handler. With a dog that she knows she's amazing, she shares toys/food/bones, loves playing tug of war and wrestle, with a new dog she hides mainly. She was dumped in my lap by her first owner when she was 6 months old, with no socialization and had been attacked 20 something times by older dog in the house. So we have had a lot to make up for but she's doing great. Right now she's earning her own keep, there are days I'm thinking of maybe letting her join the ranks, especially if I don't find the perfect home. Send an email if interested in adoption.