All dogs require training, on what level depends on you and your wishes. Some people want a higher level of obedience, some people just want a dog that does not steal from the table. We cover all bases from simple sit to focused heel and reliable recall, as well as aggression on different forms and levels.


At Dogpalace we work with methods developed by science such as positive reinforcement, classical conditioning, operant conditioning, behavioral adjustment training to mention a few. Our main focus is that is should be fun for everyone, and to create a permanent result.


How it starts, when we come to your house we do an initial assessment, it takes an hour up to four hours for aggressive dogs, we talk about what goals you want for your dog and will draw up a training plan for you there to create the best friend you always wished for.


When recommending a program for your dog, we will go through how many lessons are recommended, planned curriculum for maximum success, cost of program and what method is to be used. Feel free to ask any questions you have so you get a full understanding of what training your dog will recieve.


We will tailor the package to cater your needs, weither it is formal obedience, making two dogs get along, have the dog listen to your children, or making it stop attacking the neighbors we have the solution. However, these packages and training are geared more towards severe anxiety, reactivity and aggression. We very much encourage people to take their dog to a regular group class with for example Petco. Group classes gives a very constructive social environment that dogs benefit tremendously of. One on one training should be more as last resort , specific issues or if you can't find a good trainer that you can trust.


PUPPIES SHOULD ALWAYS ATTEND PUPPY KINDERGARTEN!!!  The earlier the better. Private training is ok as additional but early socialization is vital for long term success, obedience and well being of the animal. Of all my cases I see with aggression, fear and anxiety, lack of early socialization is a huge reason to these issues. This is the American Veterinary Society of Animal behaviors official statement on early socialization.