Feedback From Our Clients

My dog Tim could not be trained according to two different trainers. One said he was too young, the next that he was too stupid. They tried prong, treats, toys and nothing worked. He could never focus or would completely ignore us. Not until I met Evelynn who took her time to study Tim did we find the real issue. He had a personal bubble he didn't like invaded, he felt very threatened by close phyiscal proximity. After three weeks of working with Evelynn, Tim did more progress then what the other trainers had done in one year. Showed up he wasn't stupid, he was just sensitive. - Miranda



I had problems with my pitbull Sam, I could never get him to listen to me or focus. After first session with Evelynn I understod that the problem wasn't the dog, it was me. After the 6 weeks basic with her, me and Sam really started to get headway. After 6 months Sam now has his CGC and I did it on my own with the tools she gave me, and we are now heading for therapy dog. 

- Theresa



My puppy Diesel started to show aggression towards people at age 4 months old, and I felt ill equipt to handle it. I heard about Evelynn through a neighbor, and 2 weeks after Diesel had snapped at his first person she was there. Another 3 weeks after my puppy behaved like a perfect little angel. She made it easy for me and Diesel, and she made me a much more comfortable handler of my dog.

- Mandy


Thanks for helping me to get my dog trained and get my house back in order, you were wonderful with helping my kids how to deal with Sushi. We are now thinking of making him a therapy dog as you suggested.

- Meredith


Evelynn was extremely helpful when I contacted her regarding my new-large-puppy. Her advice with difficult behaviors, as well as how to rear a well behaved happy dog helped us to get to a great place of balance, peace, calm, fun and trust. Her methods may take more time and patience, but it is worth it.

- Allyson


Evelynn is fantastic! We adopted a pit mix with a lot of anxiety a distrust of new people. Evelyn helped us train him over 4 weeks when we had no clue what to do with him. She is super knowledgeable and passionate, and our dog loved her. She continuously went above and beyond answering my emails and questions long after we ended training. She always offers thoughtful, empathic responses. Her direct, yet warm approach makes her an amazing trainer for dogs and humans alike!

- Laura


We were fostering a dog when Evelynn was recommended.


We live in Ohio and she lives in New York. We messaged trough facebook and talked directly on the phone and video via skype. She helped us with aggression (other animals, toys/bones/food,), leash training, socializing (people/dogs), and general behavior for rescue dogs.


She was avaiable to us anytime she was free. We talked/messaged frequently and for long lengths of time. 


Her expertise with dogs, especially rescue dogs is immense. Her patience with us was great. She explained all the techniques in very plain language. She made sure we understood and answered our questions with ease and clarity.

We would highly recommend Evelynn. She made us feel comfortable and competent. Her manner and knowledge was kind, gentle and thorough. Even though we lived miles apart, she was able to discuss issues, discern our concerns, and clearly articulate the techniques to utilize She checked up on us frequently to help if needed and get updates on our progress.


We consider her a partner and a friend. We would use her services again without hesitation.

- Jean


My boyfriend and I enjoyed working with her. She knew a lot about our dog's breed which made us feel comfortable working with her. She addressed every issue we had and helped us understand why he had certain behaviors and why some of them aren't as unusual as we thought. In general she really does give lots of great tips on how to work with your dog so when she leaves you can enforce them.



10yr old foster dog Max came to our house with snarly, biting, aggressive behavior. We could not touch him. His leash stayed on him so we could try to control him, and probably because we couldn't get it off of him or put it back on. Thankfully we found Evelynn. After the first two visits we all learned how to trust one another. Max now has a forever home with lots of love, snuggles and kisses. We are very grateful for Evelynn. Her training techniques changed our lives. Thank you.



Evelynn is a great trainer!! In just an hour, I couldn't believe the improvement my dog had. I was amazed, I thought he was a different dog. She told ut what the training that we needed to keep up with our dog Max. He is a much better dog because of her help! Oh and whenever you need advise or have questions she is ALWAYS there to help. No questions asked! Cesar Millan has nothing on her!!