Pets For Heroes

Dogpalace dog training is proud to present Pets for heroes. We are a non profit who creates PTSD dogs for veterans, first responders, and the other heroes in our country who needs help and not always get it, or can afford it.


We have our first team, Diamond and Alex, he is an iraqi war veteran, and she is a rottweiler who's owner fell on harder times and couldn't care for Diamond anymore. I know the owner well and she has put in a lot of love and training on this dog. I matched Diamond with Alex and the dream project of mine has officially taken off. 


You can read more on our webpage or to follow Alex's and Diamond's story.

This idea is all thanks to Iggy, Iggy was a very badly abused retriver. He was at first mainly thought of as a pet while his mom Mary was waiting for her new service dog, Mary is legaly blind and have very little eye sight left. Iggy was a north shore rescue, with unknown background and when I met him the first time he sat with his back to the class and refused to do anything. His owners couldn't comprehend why he was so stubborn. Quickly I discovered that he was petrified and once he got the right form of comunication the shut down lab blossomed. All of a sudden he was offering all sorts of behaviors. 


Today he will pick up anything mom drops, warn her for the curb, help her fill and empty the washing mashine, to mention a few. This was 3 years ago.. Since then I have had in the back of my head that there must be more than one Iggy out there that I could put to work for people who need it.


After doing some research I quickly discovered that most service dogs are rather expensive, and of course takes a long time training. So I combined my breed knowledge and human knowledge, did some math and realized that PTSD dogs is in huge need and fairly easy to train (timewise) in comparision to for example dogs for blind people. Hence we decided to start of with PTSD and if that goes well we hope to eventually expand this to more services.